Expand the Arts Event, Reduce the Security Concern

Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation (YAF) has been organizing the Standard Chartered Arts in the Park Mardi Gras, one of the largest community art events in Hong Kong since 2008. Securitas has acted as the security partner since the events inception. The event is held in Victoria Park occupying the Central Lawn, this year the event attracted over 65,000 visitors and aimed at cultivating a rich opportunity to showcase the artistic talents of Hong Kong’s youth and inviting the public to be creative.

Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation is a charity that provides high quality, non-competitive arts experiences for all young people aged 5-25 so as to enrich the learning process by offering new ways of channeling energy and looking at the world.

The mission of YAF and its founder Ms Lindsey McAlister, OBE is to increase high quality arts exposure in Hong Kong, to achieve this, the event venue moved from Stanley Plaza to the larger Victoria Park venue in 2008. “After we decided to move to a huge venue for our event, we realized that a reliable and specialized security service was required & an essential addition. As noticed the Securitas brand and security officers in many high profile locations around Hong Kong and knew they could provide a quality security service, so we contacted them without a second thought,” says by a spokesperson from YAF.

Security Brought a Peace of Mind

From 2008 to 2010 Securitas offered a specialized guarding service for the Standard Chartered Arts in the Park Mardi Gras. As part of this service, Securitas implemented procedures for access and crowd control to maintain order, adapted the patrols, and recorded visitor headcount for fire standards and mustering purposes. The events’ arts stalls are busy with numerous amounts of children and their parents queuing for about 20-30 minutes; Securitas security officers were there to maintain crowd control and ensure an orderly arrangement.  Securitas security officers were on hand to ensure that the crowd were respectful of the performances and stayed in audience areas.

“With the excellent work of Securitas, looking after our security needs, our team was able to concentrate on running the event, taking care of the arts stalls, stage performance and event logistics ,” recalls the spokesperson of YAF. “ Securitas was also on-hand to handle the emergency needs, even when we needed to change the security officers’ deployment and increase the manpower just two days before the event. We were impressed by Securitas’ efficiency and flexibility.”

"Our mission is to provide high quality arts experiences for the HK community. Our decision to entrust the safety of our arts display, volunteers, performers and the public to the leader in Security, Securitas, brought us, our sponsors and the visitors peace of mind.  Cooperating with Securitas was a pleasurable experience and with their expertise & experience we were able to ensure a safe environment for the attendees. We will continue to partner with Securitas,” adds spokesperson at YAF.

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